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Problem with water line from the meter to the house

We live on an acreage in deep south Texas. Our water is supplied by a community water system, with the main running beside the road 300 feet from our house. The meter and shutoff valve are sited up on the roadside bank about 5' above the road. The pipe is 1 1/4" PVC that I installed 13 years ago.

About 3 years after the initial installation a sharp rock punctured the pipe about 10' from the meter, which I repaired with a compression coupling. About 3 years ago I had a pretty good water stream running onto the road. Upon locating the source, I discovered that the pipe had pulled most of the way out of the meter side of the coupling, evidently caused by settling of the meter assembly. I installed a second coupling and enough pipe to compensate for the change in position of the meter. Last week I again saw a small amount of water on the road. I dug down to the pipe and discovered that the meter had moved again. The pipe is now displaced about 2" vertically and 2" horizontally. Amazingly, the compression fittings have resealed after I disturbed them and the area is drying out. The pipe has a fairly substantial bend in it in a three foot length.

I am looking for a more or less permanent solution to the moving meter problem, aside from digging up all the pipe to the meter and resetting it. I doubt that I can convince the water company that they should do it either. So...flexible pipe? I'm not familiar with what's available or how it should be used.

Ideas? Advice?

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