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Problem with vinyl soffit on porch ceiling

We have a wrap around porch and have experienced water leaking down the house siding under the porch. We just had the house reroofed and they have been back numerous times and just can not find any evidence it is from the roof. We notice in high wind/rain storms, especially from the east, there is lifting on the porch vinyl ceiling and as we have just about exhausted every other approach on trying to figure out why we get water dripping down from behind our house siding, we wonder if this is not the reason. Could this be possible? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Could it be the ceiling was installed incorrectly? As we live out in the country in a wide open area, we are wondering if the vinyl is not a good choice and should replace with a wood ceiling that will seal tight against house and be stronger against wind? Thanks for your help.

Re: Problem with vinyl soffit on porch ceiling

almost immediately the first thing that came to mind is that they didnt properly flash the roof where it meets the sidewall of the house. there should be a peice of aluminum bent to sit on top of the last row of shingles then it bends up the wall behind the house wrap. teh siding will then go on over top of that,,

basically water is getting behind the siding then running down the wall and in behind hte framing of hte porch roof. pretty much sounds like someone screwed up

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