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Problem with outdoor faucet

I purchased and installed an outdoor faucet similar to the attached last fall. I also have a water shut off valve inside the house which was closed all winter so no water at all was in this faucet.

Now that it's spring, I opened up the interior valve and I'm getting a light but steady stream of water out of the faucet when it's closed. The faucet is one of those that goes from closed to fully open in a quarter turn of the handle.

I've checked it over and can't see anything that could be tightened. Since all of the mechanism is internal, there's really nothing to tighten that I can get to without completely taking it apart.

Does anyone have any suggestions or did I just end up with a bum faucet?


Re: Problem with outdoor faucet

Two possibilities.
1] When you installed the frost free it was not installed so the back end was higher than the out side end and water remained in the stem tube and froze. This would most likely require replacement.

2] The seat washer may just be bad. Remove the handle by removing the center screw. Remove the packing nut, and pull the stem. Replace the washer and reinstall.


Re: Problem with outdoor faucet

the exact same thing happened to me at my house this year also. jack's #2 response fixed my problem. plus, i believe i have the exact same faucet.

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