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Re: Problem with door hinges

Hey, I love the discussion and all the ideas (some of which are just a bit unusual) and I've tried silicon spray which works for awhile but fades. I will try the WD-40 and some 3-in-1 but I am also looking for other ideas about cleaning up the graphite. Has anyone tried a tack cloth?

A. Spruce
Re: Problem with door hinges

A tack cloth will work if it is a dry dust, unfortunately, hinge dust could be graphite, could just be metal powder, probably contains oil of some sort, which means a tack cloth isn't going to cut it. The lighter fluid I suggested is probably your best bet and it shouldn't hurt the paint, but do test it first.

Typically, I use a drop or two of 3-in-1 oil on hinges because it is the easiest to apply. If you use WD-40 then you will need a rag held behind the hinge to catch the over-spray and dribbles.

Re: Problem with door hinges

I just a couple of weeks ago switched out a houseful of builder's hardware for nicer stuff (Baldwin and Emtek) and used simple windex to get the "graphite" off the white woodwork.

Re: Problem with door hinges

I Tried Peanut Butter!

Re: Problem with door hinges
HoustonRemodeler wrote:

I prefer PAM cooking spray to mayonnaise for hinges as it applies easier and the buttery smell is kindah nice.

Hey- does this make HoustonRemodeler a "PAMMER" on this forum? :eek::D ;)

Sorry guy but I couldn't resist the pun! I'll go away now...


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