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Prioritizing things to get done

Trying to prioritize work which needs to be done to the house. Would like to repaint walls, basement ceiling needs new insulation, would like to replace old carpeting (in the hallways, bedrooms, great room) with laminated flooring or new carpeting (haven't decided yet) and various areas of the floors squeek. There is nothing serious with anything. Does anyone have a recommendation what be be the best order of getting things done and reason. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Prioritizing things to get done


  1. Tear out existing flooring
  2. Insulate basement ceiling and repair drywall
  3. Paint
  4. Fix floor squeaks
  5. New flooring
  6. touch up paint
  7. Done, enjoy a nice cold beer.


  1. Because I said so.
  2. Refer to #1
  3. ;):D

Seriously ...

  1. Removing the flooring gets it out of the way so that the walls and baseboard can be painted without obstruction.
  2. Assuming the basement will be painted too, insulating and repairing the drywall will allow you to complete the paint work in one shot.
  3. Painting now prevents you from having to protect floors from drips or spatter.
  4. Always fix squeaks when you have access to the subfloor. If there are areas that might be prone to squeaks in the future, ad more fasteners now. If you're pulling sections of subfloor out, use construction adhesive when you put the pieces back together to prevent future problems.
  5. Installation of flooring is always done last, again, it prevents having to protect it while other construction is going on.
  6. During the installation of the new carpet and hardwood there will undoubtedly be some scratches and scuffs in the paint, particularly near the baseboard area. Touch up now.
  7. Because a nice cold beer after a hard days work is always the right thing to do. ;):D

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