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Jason Kempt
primer+paint peeling badly

I recently had my small bathroom with shower + exsaust fan redone
by a family member. half of the dry wall was replaced with new green board, I'm having issues with the water based primer+latex paint peeling. A few weeks after it was finished I put some masking/painter tap on the wall over night when I carefully peeled it off some of the primer+paint came off where I can see the green board and other spots where I can see the joint compound, Than I was removing some excess mud on the other side of the room the primer+paint started and continued to peel to the point where I thought I was ready for mud, and wiped it down with a damp cloth it started and continued to peel. Do I just need to get it to stop peeling clean and mud than paint or prime + paint? Or do I need to strip all the primer/paint and start over? I do not have the money to get a pro to fix this, and with it in a steamy area I don't want to have issues in the near future.

I appericate any Help or suggestions
Jason Kempt

Re: primer+paint peeling badly

It's hard to say for sure what went wrong here.

I certainly feel that you have a ventilation problem, which you must address first, to avoid such things from happening again. Maybe your fan is too weak to do the job. Maybe your relative used the wrong mud or applied it in a wrong way. I don't know.

After that, remove as much mud and paint as you can and start from scratch. This time, use the correct materials and in the correct manner.

In construction, you always get what you pay for.

Re: primer+paint peeling badly

I have never been a big fan of green board for exactly the reasons you describe. Green board is supposedly water resistant, unfortunately, whatever they treat the drywall with to repell mositure seems to also interfer with paint adhesion.

What to do now? I would sc**** the old finish back to where it seems to be stuck. After patching with drywall mud, I would reseal the walls, but not with a PVA primer. If using a water soluble primer, use a 100% acrylic primer. They have much better adhesion properties than PVA products. Finish with a couple coats of at least a satin finish paint.

Make a mental note to NEVER STICK TAPE to it in the future!

Re: primer+paint peeling badly

Were the walls cleaned of all drywall dust before priming?

We prefer to use the oil based Zinsser primer. It will seal the green board (a waste of money over the plain old white stuff) You can latex finish coat over the Zinsser in one hour. Pretty cool stuff.

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