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Is Primer Necessary?

I'll be painting a wall a slightly darker shade that it is now. Is it necessary to prime again or can I just paint right over the current shade?

Re: Is Primer Necessary?

No but if it's been a few years you might want to at least clean the walls before painting

Re: Is Primer Necessary?

Excellent - this will make the job much easier. Thanks!!


Re: Is Primer Necessary?

Trish, it is never wrong to prime, but often it is over kill. If your walls are of a low sheen and the paint appears to be of good quality, go ahead and just paint.

You prime to: 1) get adhesion to slick walls 2) seal porous walls, ie. new drywall or poor quality paint 3) affect a color change. Two coats of the finish paint however, will often cover better than a primer and paint, this because there is often more white pigment in paint than in primer. Primers serve multiple purposes, color change is almost secondary to its primary purposes.

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