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Primer for Bare Wood

Hi all....

Someone once told me that it is best to use an oil based primer when dealing with bare wood, no matter what type of paint (latex or oil) you plan to topcoat with. True or False? And why?:)

Re: Primer for Bare Wood


The problem with water soluble primers on wood is that the water tends to raise the grain. Oil or shellac based primers do not. Also, oil or shellac primers are much easier to sand than latex/acrylic based primers. They "dust up" leaving a very smooth surface to receive the finish coat of paint of enamel, be it oil or water based.

Given my choice, I would use a dedicated "oil enamel undercoater" These are designed specifically for preparing the wood for the finish coat. Avoid the quick dry oil primers such as Kilz or CoverStain. Their quick drying makes application by brush or roller harder. They are great in general applications, but not optimum for woodwork.

Re: Primer for Bare Wood

OK, duly noted....Thanks for the advice!

Re: Primer for Bare Wood

My preferences vary according to what I want for results. Generally I want something that works well and is quick and easy to use, so I will match the primer to the paint type. They make latex primers these days that work great for most applications. If I want maximum durability or protection it's always an oil primer- it penetrates the wood surface and becomes part of the wood instead of just covering it, which latex primers do not accomplish nearly as well. It's more cost, more hassle, and usually not needed but it's your call.


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