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Which primer is best to use when priming gutters and shutters outside, a water base or oil base?:confused::confused::confused:

Timothy Miller
Re: primer

Howdy i prefer oil base for its adhesive and long life. I pick the paints that allow a oil base primer with a latex top coat. I use semigloss top coat as it wears better over time

Re: primer

Really depends on what the shutters are made of...

If they're a plastic, definately use a top-notch LATEX primer. Plasic expands/contracts more than wood typically, therefore Latex is called for.

If they're wood, use either primer. Just make sure the surface is clean, and IDEALLY...lighly sanded.

Gutters...if metal...lightly sand & de-dust. Zinsser 123 or C2-One are great Latex primers on metal.


Re: primer


I would concurr with Faron on both accounts.

Definitely use latex/acrylic primers on plastic shutters.

I too prefer latex primers on metal gutters. Many years ago when galvanized gutters were very popular, I stripped many gutters down to bare metal and then primed them with latex based primer and top coat. I NEVER had a call back!

Actually, If you are painting over existing seamless aluminum gutters, a primer is not absolutely neccessary. After a good cleaning to remove dirt and oxidation, simply paint them with a quality 100% acrylic house paint. Over the years, I have painted over much degraded aluminum siding and gutters with quality acrylic housepaint and never had a problem.

For future reference, the following website is a great source for how to treat different painting situations: http://www.paintquality.com/

Re: primer

Ordjen points to a great website!

That place is a "Bible" of paint info./techniques.
Highly recommended for "paint-geeks"!

A couple hours of study there, and you'll know more than many painters out there!


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