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Price on plaster demo and blueboard replacement

I recently had my insurance company pay my contractor to "remove and replace" plaster ceilings and walls in my home. We ended up doing repairs instead of removal and put up blueboard with 2 coats of plaster. I need to find out the price difference between what it cost the contractor and what my insurance company paid him. I have some extras I want him to do with the money he saved and need to know how much I'm talking about. Can someone provide me with what I should have paid per square foot for the following: demolition of plaster(lath) ceiling, demolition of plaster(lath) wall, labor and materials to replace the ceiling and wall using blueboard coated with two coats of plaster. Thanks...by the way I live in CT.

Timothy Miller
Re: Price on plaster demo and blueboard replacement

Howdy the insurance settlement should be itemized for the demo, debris removal, haul off and replaster. Did you get the guy to bid the job for you both ways? If not job done then ask him what is left. Otherwise call another contractor and offer to pay an hours wage for a comparison bid...

Re: Price on plaster demo and blueboard replacement

some of it depends on where you are from, prices vary greatly where i live over a short distance. what i can tell you about the boston area is this. to strip a room of old plaster and lath, say a 12x12 room ceiling included i would charge about $700 plus dump fees, then to install new blueboard and plaster, labor and materials, it would run between $1.50 and $2.50 per square foot. lastly to replace all the trim in the room, materials NOT included, about $250-$500 depending on how many windows and doors and what kind of trim it is.

Re: Price on plaster demo and blueboard replacement

So, MLBSF, you tear out and replace the plaster in a room for only $1060?  

Come to NC.  I've got a job waiting for you. 

Contact Estate Plaster at 336-327-5523. 

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