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Price Check

Was thinking about renewing my subscription there are good things and bad things about TOH magazine but this is a separate issue.
I went to my account and the best deal was $39 for 3 Years ok.
On the website subscription price best deal $30 for 3 years there was a better deal for 2 years also and 1 year was the same.
Called customer service and no one seemed to get it Asked for a supervisor they didn't seem to get it either. The customer service call center is for all things Time Warner, I asked if I could talk to someone directly involved with TOH I could talk to and was told there wasn't.
The final result was I didn't renew and probably won't. If a company doesn't care about its brand, loyalty and customers including Customer service I prefer companies that do.

Re: TOH Magazine Price Check

Your were treated according to the existing business model.
First, magazines always had 2 pricing tiers - new and current subscribers. I won't get too much into the marketing concepts around new customer acquisition vs. existing customer retention, but it is an universal approach.
It is the same for local & national newspapers -- example - $119 for 1st year of the Wall St. Journal, then it doubles to $250+ with a renewal. You can try scamming (or more politely, bypassing) the system by not renewing and then enter a new subscription (different name, same address).

The other point is customer service, which has been outsourced to call center factories - - they are not paid by magazine publishers to give you this high touch service; the average rep is taking calls for dozens of separate magazines and products of 3rd party manufacturers, etc. They would have done their job if they were not rude, and executed instructions like account status, register your complaint, etc.

American Express is considered to provide consistent customer service, but do you want to pay $75 for a basic charge card, and their other fees to get this service.

Late last year, I subscribed to Mike Holmes' magazine (published in Canada, which he just brands, and probably sees it at the same time as subscribers). After paying strong Canadian $ with my weak US $, I think I received about 4 out of 8 issues. Now, that's a problem, and not the 2 tier pricing you are facing.

Re: Price Check

Time Warner has an even worse business practice that I see a lot in subscription services and that is automatic renewal. Instead of asking if you want to renew, they just go ahead and send you a bill, often at their highest rates and automatically renew you.

They did this to me last year so I called them and informed them that I did not renew my subscription at $39/year and they can drop me. They did, but a short time later I got a new subscription offer at $12/year (senior citizen rate which I qualify for) so I ordered it again.

I like the magazine but I just hate this business practice so I never allow them to do this to me. I will go without rather than cave into this and encourage them to keep doing it. I also check the fine print to make sure that when I take an offer, that there is no automatic renew stated on the offer so they can't try to hold it to me later. Again, I will go without rather than encourage this.

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