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Previous owners improperly tiled floor

I live in a 90 yr. old house. The previous owners tried to update it but obviously had difficulty. My kitchen floor is currently laid with 12 in. ceramic tile. They didn't know what spacers were for :confused: nor did they level the floor before they laid the tile :mad: . There is an area from the kitchen to the 1/2 bath adjacent to it where there is an obvious height difference from 1 tile to the next, maybe 1/4in. or less, and because they didn't level the floor some of the tile is starting to crack.
Now here's my quandary. Do I need to rip up the entire floor? Can I level a floor on top of the existing tile then install something else? Being a 90 yr. old house I have no idea what's underneath the ceramic tile. What are some options? I would like to rip out the entire kitchen because they installed cheap press-board cabinets and mounted them at the incorrect height. They're too high, my husband is 5'2" and can barely reach the 2nd shelf, I thought it was the top shelf no one was supposed to reach. Should I just bide my time till I can redo the kitchen?
Thanks in advance.

A. Spruce
Re: Previous owners improperly tiled floor

It is always best to tear out the old and start anew. If the tile is as bad as you say, there's no way of knowing what other problems may exist without removing it. Aside from that, adding another layer of tile over such an uneven surface would be difficult and result in an equally unstable and wavy floor, as well as create clearance problems at thresholds, doorways, and toe-kicks.

Re: Previous owners improperly tiled floor

very simply, all i can say is, wait til you're going to redo the kitchen, gut it and fix it up right one time and i can assure you that you'll be grateful that you did in the end.

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