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Crimson Ghost
Preventing gaps in trim & wainscoting question

Hello, I am about to install some waincoting and I would like to minimize the future gaps in the miter joints.

I have purchased the longest boards I can but I will still have joints. My top and bottom rails are 1x6 and primed white from the lumber yard. Is there a product I can apply to the wood (even if its primed white already) or can I apply a product to my cuts ?

I have installed 1/4 inch MDF on the wall, I plan to build boxes from 1x6 (rails) and 1x4 (stiles) trim it and paint it. The 1/4 MDF is mostly so I do not have to be concerned with studs - mostly to make the job easier for me as a homeowner.

When I install the rail, do I use my plate joiner and a biscut or do I miter the joint? the wall is 23 feet and I think my wood is 18 feet, so both rails will require two peices.

Re: Preventing gaps in trim & wainscoting question

When using molding like you're doing, cracks are going to happen as the wood dries and shrinks. Always cut them on a miter so when it shrinks, you'll still see wood in the joint, not empty space. You don't need the plate joiner for this. You could try using some white glue in the joint if it's in an easy place to work. It might hold it together a little longer. When you seal the wood, it will keep things stable for some time too. I wouldn't worry too much about it though if you miter the joints. I use a 45 degree cut.

Good Luck.

Re: Preventing gaps in trim & wainscoting question

ditto, sounds like a good plan to me

Re: Preventing gaps in trim & wainscoting question

excellent idea, if you buy the kreg screws it comes with a bit for them.

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