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prevent freezing of softener drain line

I have a water softener + neutralizer that cleans up my well water. These units go through a regeneration cycle once a week. It is during these regeneration cycles that water is flushed through a drain line out to a drywell on my property. During the winter this line can freeze at the exit point of the house.

There is a spigot on this drain line that will allow a hose to be attached and drained into my septic tank via a laundry tub. Normally this spigot is closed and the regen water is sent to the outside drywell drainage. Most search results report that regen water is not good for a septic system+sandmound. So I want to avoid putting more stress on the septic.

But with the recent colder than normal temps the drain line is blocked/frozen. And so I have disabled the automatic softener controls and run manual regens....using the septic path for the drain water.

I would like to take advantage of the spigot connection. Possibly add some sort of auto-valve that would release the excess water in the drain line after the regen cycle concludes. Thus removing water from the line to prevent freezing.

Is there something like a 3-port check valve that would have one port open but then close this port with water pressure and allow flow through another port?


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