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Pressure Treated House Framing

Hi All,
I am presently renovating a 1940s cottage on Lake Erie that has a cement foundation and crawlspace. Over the years, time has taken its toll and now there are some joists that need repairing/replacing. What is the rule for using PT wood? I know it's usually code to use PT for mudsills but what about rim joists and interior joists? The cottage sits low to the ground and there is moisture issues to be addressed in the crawlspace. Thanks for any guidance!

Re: Pressure Treated House Framing

There shouldn't be an issue with using PT wood for your rims.

The interior joists you mention .... I'm guessing you mean the floor joists ... would/should be covered with a suitable sub flooring material anyway so they wouldn't be exposed to the interior.

You might consider checking with the municipality to confirm the restrictions for use of pressure treated lumber in and around lake areas.

Hop this helps.:)

Re: Pressure Treated House Framing

Generally speaking the only restriction is cost.

Re: Pressure Treated House Framing

Thanks to all for your input. After today's work out at the cottage I unearthed a large section of the cottage floor that had completed rotted away. The joists were severely rotted and it seems that the only thing holding up the floor was the many layers of underlayment. I will ask the municipality about there rules regarding PT wood before I tackle the repairs.

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