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pressure relief valve for well dripping

Have a pressure relief valve located on the pressure tank for my well water. This is a 75psi fixed valve. Water has started to drip from this valve, not much but leaking none the less. The pressure gauge on the tank is set at 60psi. Pressure relief valve is approx. 14yrs old. So is this just a valve that needs to be replaced or is this a sign of something else, maybe pressure guage is faulty? Replacing the valve looks pretty straight forward.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Replaced valve over the weekend, pretty straight forward. Looked at the old valve and there is a screw that holds a gasket in place that sheared off. New valve from HD was $18.

Re: pressure relief valve for well dripping

Probably just the valve---these low-cost valves depend on an internal coiled spring to calibrate when to open at a certain water pressure---over time the spring weakens & changes value & starts to dribble---very common occurance.

Since these valves usually cost under $20 & the one you have now is old, it's well worth a shot to attempt a repair---you'll have to get the exact model # & make of the old valve (as well as the same diameter as it screws into the tank) & bring the info into a plumbing supply house in your area--it's usually best just to bring the old valve with you to the shop---also Google the valve model # & mfgr name to get an idea of internet price ranges.

When you have the new valve, shut down power to the pump and close any nearby isolation shut-off valves & PRESS THE LITTLE TOP LEVER TO RELEASE ALL WATER PRESSURE before you unscrew the valve with a pipe wrench.

Sometimes a copper drip tube is in the way & may have to be un-soldered & partially removed so you can unscrew the old valve.

Use pipe joint compound or thread seal tape on the threads of the new valve before installing.

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