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Preserve old wallpaper?

We live in a 100 year-old house. We discovered under some layers of wallpaper what may be the original wallpaper perfectly preserved. The layers on top of it can be pulled off mostly by hand. Should we uncover the original wallpaper and leave it exposed? Would it be considered historically valuable, or just junk? It is brown uncoated paper with a painted or stamped floral pattern.

Re: Preserve old wallpaper?
momo7 wrote:

Would it be considered historically valuable, or just junk?

I don't really know but will relate this:

A number of years ago I was involved in a project; A residence for a very wealthy couple. When the home was finished you would have thought it was a 200 year old European lodge / home plopped on the very large lot. They even paid me a small fortune for a method I came up with for making all the electrical cover plates looking like they were made out of pewter.

The painter on the job was an amazing artist who hand tinted almost all of the interior paint and stain/washes used.

The dinning room had a barrel ceiling in it and he put antique wall paper on that ceiling, going back over it and hand painting in the areas that were cracked or missing. Other rooms in the house were also papered in salvaged antique papers from Europe. So, with that I would say there is value in your old paper. If you like it, keep it.

Re: Preserve old wallpaper?

Thank you for your input.
This house is a 5 bedroom Victorian that was built as a parsonage for the country church nearby. It was well kept up, and still has the original oak woodwork, and walnut floors. It is almost identical to the local historical museum house that the county preserves and restores. In another room, I removed wallpaper that was not significantly old, to find the plaster wall underneath had never been painted. I could see horse hair imbedded in it.

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