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Pregnancy safe paint

Good afternoon,

I'm planning on preparing the nursery for our baby boy soon and I've heard in the past there are specific paints you are better off using while pregnant.

Does anyone knows what kind of paint should I be looking for?



Re: Pregnancy safe paint

Paints with no VOC's

Re: Pregnancy safe paint

Congrats Juliana, and Hello from Fargo, ND!

It's almost an irrelevant matter, since exposure levels are SO brief and infrequent! Open the windows for a while too.

ANY decent quality No/Low-VOC Latex paint is a good choice.

IMO....most people overthink this.
Nowadays, the paint resins dry so fast anyway, that the "off-gassing" issue of paint is largely moot.

I'm at a busy Decorating/ACE Hardware store. ACE paints are now Low-VOC, as is Ralph-Lauren (RL has been for YEEEEEArs now!) and C2's "Lovo".

I'd be more concerned about any new flooring/carpet off-gassing, etc., than paint!

Realize however, that "perceived Odors" and VOC's, AREN'T even remotely related! What smells bad to you, may be pleasant to someone else. Personal example...Zinsser's 123 Latex primer is a VERY good primer. I WON'T use it...can't stand the smell of it:(! The C2-One primer, which has slightly higher VOC's, hardly smells at all to ME. Many customers have stated this too:). I could use C2-One primer all day and not be bothered!


Re: Pregnancy safe paint

Hey Juliana,

Mr. Jay here with The Home Depot

First off, congrats on the baby! :)

Good to hear you've done your homework and are looking to make the right choices for the room. Like Faron said above me, most paints nowadays are made LOW-VOC, meaning they're thinking of people like you. There are a few that are NO-VOC though, which would be the best choice of any.

Freshaire makes a really nice NO-VOC paint that I've worked with before. It comes in 66 different colors, improves the indoor air quality of the room, and it's also an environmentally friendly paint having eliminated those VOC's.

You can check it out here: LINK

Hope that helps you out in your decision, and best of luck on your project. Let us know if you have any other questions~

Re: Pregnancy safe paint

Thank you guys!
I'll look into these options :)


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