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Re: Preferred height of chair rail

See what happens when you start with a chair rail question. Pretty soon with all the "while we're at it"'s you end up with a completely remodeled kitchen. ;)

Some pics of the finished kitchen project on our old house. Ok, not quite finished, but only two pieces of trim and two outlets and a cover plate from being done. Somebody didn't measure twice and was a little short on quarter round. :( When the back half of the room gets cleaned up, maybe tomorrow, I'll post a pic or two where you could actually see the chair rail since that was the original question on this thread!

I'm satisfied with the way everything turned out. There were only three tiles I sorta wish I could recut, but I'll probably be the only one to notice. One thing I learned when I was replacing the cover plates....make sure when you're cutting tiles to cut a slot for the cover plate screws on the GFCI outlets. I had to get out a file and make some room for the screw because it was bottoming out on the tile before the head was flush.

The necessary new toyl for this project was a 7" wet saw for the tile!

Re: Preferred height of chair rail

A few more pics with almost everything back in place. It'll never be this neat again!

Re: Preferred height of chair rail
YukYuk wrote:

P.S. With all the tool chiding going on, barter for your buddies to give you those recommended tools as part of your barter for doing their tile projects! :D

Shhhh. Never say that out loud the IRS will get you.:eek::D

Great job BP.

Re: Preferred height of chair rail

bp21901 .... great job! :cool::)

That picture frame trim looks good.;)

Wait a minute ..... didn't I see these picture in a kitchen design magazine ? :D

Re: Preferred height of chair rail

Finally loaded up a pic of the chair rail that initiated the question. I took someone's suggestion (I didn't read back far enough to see who it was) and made it level with the countertop so the tile backsplash could sit on it between the counter and door trim.

The ironic thing is that after wondering about what height to place it, this is about the only section where you can actually see it. The other wall has a very large antique country cupboard and the dog crate which hide the chair rail. Anyway, it does give the break point to switch paint color from dark to light which was the whole purpose anyway.

"Wait a minute ..... didn't I see these picture in a kitchen design magazine ?"
Probably, we looked at enough kitchen pictures to last a few lifetimes, I am sure we stole from somewhere.

Re: Preferred height of chair rail

You did an awesome job.

Re: Preferred height of chair rail

You said you looked through thousands of pictures. Did you find any uncommon websites that had good pictures. I will be starting my new kitchen soon and am still looking to be inspired. I'm sure at some point I'll see a picture and know that's exactly what I want, but I'm still looking for that picture.


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