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Prefab log Cabin

I aam thinking about get a prefab log cabin home but my concern is the buyer is responsible for: HVAC, plumbing, electical, foundation. How do go about getting a contractor to do all and know he is doing what he is suppose to and a good job at it???? I know that sometimes subcons do not do what they are suppose to and the contractor says it is not his/her fault and you are suck.:confused:

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Re: Prefab log Cabin

You would put your needs out to bid, as you would any other home construction. The contractor will know what he's responsible for, you will be able to shop for someone that fits your needs.

Contact at least three general contractors for bids. Remodel contractors will probably be able to handle this just fine, though depending on the requirements of the "prefab" structure, a custom builder may be in order. There's a difference, a remodel contractor deals with primarily remodel work, some additions, that sort of thing. They don't generally do a lot of new construction, which is a problem when doing a ground up project. Custom builders are well versed in all aspects of pulling a house out of the ground and are better suited for the job. Keep in mind that this is a general overview of these two types of contractor and is not to imply that one is necessarily better than the other.

Re: Prefab log Cabin

For assembling the logs, you need someone trained in log home construction. Any mistakes in the log construction will be impossible to fix later. For example, some cheap log kits have two grooves, one on top and one on the bottom of each log. A spline is used between the logs. If you don't know the top from the bottom (its hard to tell), water will be directed thru the wall to the inside of the house.

If the bottom row of logs is not flashed properly, you will have water in the house. There is a lot of other little tricks of the trade.

Once the logs are erected, then you need a good contractor to do all the other things that are needed to make it a home. If you don't have these done, you will find that living like Daniel Boone gets old real fast.

If the logs are untreated pine, you will have to spend a lot of time fighting rot. Actually all woods will rot eventually, but untreated pine goes quickest. A good roof overhang helps a lot, a wrap around porch is a really good option.

Log homes are high maintenance, don't let anyone tell you different. On windy days in winter, they are difficult to heat as well.

Re: Prefab log Cabin

This information seems very helpful. I have been trying to think of a great project for my mother's dream house.
Thanks for the information!

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Re: Prefab log Cabin

Housebuilding is never a do it yourself project bro... haha. Take it from me.
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