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Power washing deck near home

How do I power wash my wood deck where it meets the side of my house without causing damage to my house? I have painted paneling board and am afraid I might take off the paint of my house (or damage it) by power washing near the siding/trim. Any ideas?

Re: Power washing deck near home

I've washed the siding of my house before and it didn't take the paint off. If you're worried, just go to the home center and pick up a small piece of 1/4 plywood (2ft x 4ft) and hold that between your power sprayer and the house. It'll protect the siding and you can just move it along as you work on the deck.

Good Luck.

A. Spruce
Re: Power washing deck near home

ma2804 is right, you can use just about anything as a spray shield to protect the house ... a paint sheild, sheet metal, plexiglass, plywood, etc.

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