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Power to one wall is not working

I have one wall whos power has just stopped. All other power plugs and switches are working in the effected bedroom and bathroom. I figure it must be the light switch closest to the breaker box that has gone bad. This wall includes the light/fan switch, one plug and the light switch in the bathroom on the opposite side of the same wall. My breaker box is so badly marked I can not figure which breaker controls this wall so I can safely replace the switch. I guess the best thing to do would be to shut them all off. This house was probably built in the late 60s or 70s. Any advice?

Re: Power to one wall is not working

This could be a number of possible issues, could be a bad gfci feeding that circuit that has tripped somewhere, It could be a bad connection, or possibly a bad breaker itself. I would start with the basics, check all your breakers, switch them to off then on again to reset the breaker,check to see if breaker is loose in its mounting location, if that doesn't work shut off power to circuits, check hots(black wire) with a electrical tester, the kind that beeps when it senses electrical current, available at hardware store for about $10 to make sure circuit is dead,then pull out affected devices from there boxes and check connections, if nothing is found there I would suggest calling in a professional. Good Luck!

Re: Power to one wall is not working

to figure out which breake it is just have someone help you.. one person is at the panel flicking breakers while the other is in the room watching if the lights go out and if power is going to the outlet

Re: Power to one wall is not working

Thanks to both of you. I did reset all the breakers but forgot to mention it in my post. I will do as you suggested and check the breakers again for looseness. I will also find the breaker that supplies the room and check the power in the switch. Thanks again!

Re: Power to one wall is not working

good ideas above. in addition to them make sure you havent lost a neutral somewhere. also, if i am not mistaken, the 70s style house may have some al wire in it. make sure if you run into any of this you handle it properly. good luck and be safe buddy

Re: Power to one wall is not working

Often breakers look perfectly all right, but they're not. Replace the breaker that controls that particular outlet and see.
Many breakers have 2 stage "on" position, make sure yours goes all the way to the on position.

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