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Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

Well, BigHeadT, you've gone and done it now. You have the whole lot of us confused and bamboozled. Not that it was all that difficult. :)

I always take the "over" on my bets.

...sleepless in MD 'til its figured out...

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

It's possible that both are the end of circuit but one may be wired as in the middle of circuit.:rolleyes:

It doesn't matter if I'M right or not ... just going to sip on Spruce's Pumpkin Ale and Spruce's Pumpkin Lite Ale.... soon to be available on shelves near you.;) :cool: :D

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

BHT ain't returned yet.

Anybody wanna bet he's been electrocuted?

11-1 odds straight up.........but only 4-1 if he was sippin' on Sprucey's Festive Pumpkin Ale prior to the most recent go-round with the wires. :D

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

GH....shouldn't those odds be 120-1? :rolleyes:

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

Ooooops. You're right. Odds he got back to the job after sippin' some brew is .......well.......next to nill.

A. Spruce
Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

You are all lucky I've been nipping at the pumpkin ale tonight, or I may have to take offense to all this ribbing! ;):p:D You're all just jealous that I've got me some fine ale and all you've got is, well this electrical question to ponder - all dry and parched like. :D My this is some tasty brew! :D

We now return you to your regularly scheduled electrical question ... ;)

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

I am a newbie here and this post is very confusing. I have a simalar problem though so I was hoping to get some advice.

Ok I have a 1930 house with old rubber & cloth wires as well as some newer wire (during past remodel). My current set up is as follows:

(A) single box 3-way switch(#1)(new wire(black, red, white and ground) at end of kitchen opposite door.

(B) then to light/power (single box- old wire Hot (black & white)) + new wire(#1)(black, red, white and ground) + old wire(#2)(black & white(currently capped off) + old wire (#3) (white & black)+ light fixure (Black & white)

(C) Double box single pole switch for outside light (old wire (#2)(black & White) not working + old wire (#3) Hot(black & white) + old wire #4 to outside light (white & black)located inside of back door.

What I would like to do is replace old wires #2 & #3 (see * below) with 14-3 (#5) up to light and add a 3-way to this box.

(New B) then to light/power (single box- old wire Hot (black & white)) + new wire(#1)(black, red, white and ground) + new wire (#5)(black, red, gound & White)+ light fixure (Black & white)

(New C) Double box 3-way & single pole switch (new wire (#5)(black, red, gound & White) + old wire (#4) to outside light (white & black)

My question:

Is this set up possible? if so how does one wire #5 to #4? or do I need to run a seperate feed wire 14-2?

* this project started with a replacement of switches but I found that #2 & #3 must be crossed somewhere in the wall as both white & blacks on both are hot when only 1 black is connected to the hot. Major concern and in need of replacment. So I figured if I was running a new wire I would install a 3-way for convience and use of the kitchen light.

Re: Power->Light->Switch->Switch->Light

I believe this is what you want to do

If so you would only have to replace wire #2 with #5 By the way the heavy plack is the line power path. If you want to replace #3 you can , it would only need to be with a 14-2.


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