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Pot Rack on Metal Studs

I have a heavy pot rack to mount on a kitchen wall. The instructions say to mount in solid wood. I plan to attach two boards to the wall and mount the pot rack on them. But the wall has metal studs, not wood. I have never worked with metal studes and am concerned that if I attache the wood with drywall screws it won't hold the weight of the pot rack and pots. Anyone have any experience with metal studs and heavy loads. For instance, can I run lag screws into the studs and have them hold the same way they would in wood?

Re: Pot Rack on Metal Studs

I just finished a project of hanging 3’x10’ laminated particle board plan tables on metal stud walls using triangular supports screwed to the wall using fluted head deck type screws with the wood supports predrilled and counter sunk. The tops are very heavy and holding up very well.

The deck type screws have a heavy enough thread to get a good purchase in the metal studs. If there is any “trick” to it you want to run the screws in tight but not so tight that they strip out.

Re: Pot Rack on Metal Studs

You mentioned that you were going to screw a piece of wood to the wall/metal studs and then hang the pots on that. It could work OK if you use something like a 6" wide piece of wood and put two screws per stud in the wood. It will spread the load out across the wood. I'd use very coarse thread screws to get a good bite into the studs. Be very careful not to strip them when screwing the wood to the wall. I'd want to hit at least 3 studs or more with the wood.

Good Luck.

Re: Pot Rack on Metal Studs

regardless of the age of the building interior walls for either commercial or residential would be 25 ga metal studs the only way that it will hold (without cutting the wall and putting the wood behind the drywall, then rehaning the drywall and finishing) would be to drill the wood piece first then screw through the predrilled holes into the metal studs. the reason for this is that the 25 ga metal studs won't offer a lot of resistance for the screw so when you go to tighten up the screw there would be more resistance on the piece of wood then there would be on the metal stud. so the screw would strip out on the 25 ga metal stud.

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