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Post Blown-in insulation venting????

After purchasing an old house in Maine I blew insulation in the walls. But, as a first time home owner, I filled the soffit while I was blowing insulation down the second floor walls from the attic and now the air flow is restricted and there is condensation from rising moisture in the attic.

I know the cause of the moisture is the lack of ventilation because fresh air cannot flow up to the attic from the soffit, but what can I do to restore the air flow?

Would it be worth it to push plastic tubing or pvc down through the blown-in insulation and cut a hole in the soffit for one end and vent the other into the attic to restore air flow? Or are there other remedies out there that I could try?

Re: Post Blown-in insulation venting????

Are there pan-vents high up on the roof or a ridge vent?

What type of soffit vents/venting did you cover over that is now blocked? Individual grills spaced every so often or some manner of continuous vented/perforated soffit?

What type of roofing on the house?

Is the entire attic space wide open???....or is there some manner of insulation in each rafter bay???......or perhaps drywall or similar across the bottom of the rafter bays?

Do you have any bathroom or kitchen exhaust vents which dump their load in the attic?

Where is this condensation that you see? (If low-down on the roof deck, are you sure it isn't the result of ice-damming?)

Are there any unsealed penetrations thru the attic floor around plumbing pipes, heating duct pipes, chimneys, etc?

If you filled the soffit while blowing this insulation in the second story stud bays......can we presume balloon-framed construction with no top plate?

Re: Post Blown-in insulation venting????

After reading up on it, I think I have it figured out. There was a gap around my stink pipe going up through the attic from the bathrooms below (in renovation stage) and moisture was getting through. I blocked that gap and since there has been no new moisture. This spring I am going to install some vents on the gable ends and I might even feed a couple of tubes/ducts up from the soffit that I filled to increase the air flow.

I am wondering, is there a flexible but sturdy tube like product that would work for inserting up through the soffit? I was thinking about something along the lines of PEX for flexibility because I have to get by a half plate, but it has to be sturdy enough to push up through the insulation.

I'll do some more snooping, but it seems like a relatively simple fix for the spring.

Re: Post Blown-in insulation venting????

You can do what I did after I had the attic filled with blown in insulation..... I crawled on my stomach inside the attic and pulled the insulation far enough back to expose the soffit vents. Good luck - and wear a mask!

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