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Possibly black mold in my window a/c unit

My house was built in 1924. I bought it in summer '03 and the following summer I bought a new window a/c. Every summer I'd put the unit in the window and use it and take it out at the end of the summer - except for last year. Instead of taking the unit out, inside the house I put plastic over the front of the unit and plastic heat shrink film over the entire window including the unit. The outside was exposed to the elements. Tonight I decided it was time to use the a/c. I pulled off the plastic and cleaned the filter on it. But when I looked through the vents there was black stuff on some parts of the styrofoam inside. I was able to remove a vent and there was black stuff on the back of it (see photo). How do I know if this is black mold? Is it not safe to use this a/c if it is mold? I'm in Iowa and it is humid. I really don't want to get rid of it, it is a necessary narrow width 12,000 BTU unit, and I don't see that Sears has a comparable one in their current lineup. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Possibly black mold in my window a/c unit

Its a window unit,I would get some rubber gloves and bleach water and clean it.
One could even take the entire unit outside and hose it down with fungicide/germacide and let it dry, then put it back.
I am not telling you what to do, as I am not there, and BM is a very ugly word in my business, but I am telling you what I would do, at my own home.
By the way, did you know that all of us have been exposed to 'black mold' our entire lives? Its NOT new. I grew up eating black mold on lead paint crackers, with mercury topping. (not recomended).
Again, not proffesional advise, but I dont get all out of sorts over mold.(unless its in my customers house)

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