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Possible short through metal siding

I have a 60 yr old house with metal siding, we noticed some smoke near the main power box. I noticed a glow were the siding meets a outdoor power outlet. Nothing is labelled very well in the power box, so I started flipping breakers to cut power to the outlet, I still have power to the outlet, but the glow went away when I flipped the breaker to the kitchen lights in the other corner of the house. It looks like I have a short from the siding to the outlet box from a second circuit, is this possible? I did remove power from the outlet just to be safe.

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Yes, that is possible. If there are two distinct cables in one box. Very dangerous, but it is possible. Nothing electrical should be touching the metal siding. Sounds like something is touching and there is nothing to protect that overload. If the breaker is working correctly, it would have tripped immediately. You need to have a licensed, qualified electrician look at your entire system. I am betting there are many things incorrectly wired. This is the kind of things that cause fires in buildings. This needs immediate, highest priority attention.


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Re: Possible short through metal siding

It's possible that a sidding  nail was driven it a wire. Regardless of how it happened this should be checked out immediately and may require removeing some of the sideing.

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Re: Possible short through metal siding

Perhaps the other old timers will give TOH another try! 


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