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Possible calcimine paint on ceiling

Trying to get the nursery paintied as my wife is due in one month. Tried painting the ceiling with latex ceiling paint. The second coat pulled off the first in big sheets on the roller. The orginal surface prior to the first layer of latex had a white powder on it in certain areas that would come off when I ran my fingers across it. Did some research on the web and learned about calcimine paint on ceilings. One thing doesn't make sense though, I thought they stopped using calcimine in the early part of the 20th century and my house was built in 1950. So my question is:

Is it calcimine paint or something else I'm dealing with?

I also read about removing calcimine with a wallpaper steamer, which I own. I tried using that this evening and scraping with a putty knife. It's doing a great job removing my botched latex paint attempt, keeping the dust down (I'm always worried about possible lead in the paint), and is leaving a smooth surface behind, however when it dries it still has the white powder when I run my fingers across it. So my next question is:

Should I try another pass with the wallpaper steamer, should I scrub it with detergent and water to try to remove the calcimine that way, or am I ready to coat the ceiling with oil based primer?

The other thing I read is that there is a primer out there that will penetrate the calcimine (if that's what I'm dealing with). Does anyone know a brand name for that?

Re: Possible calcimine paint on ceiling

Most calcimine paints were made using hide glue and lime.
To remove use hot water and a sponge it will take a lot of rubbing but the paint will come off.
If you keep it damp ahead of of the sponge work it will not take as long to remove.
Than prime with Peel Stop.

Re: Possible calcimine paint on ceiling

I've been over every inch of the ceiling with the wall paper steamer and putty knife. I have a nice smooth surface to work with now. Rather than use Peel Stop, I think I'm going to use Gardz since it the product specs it specifically lists that it will go over calcimine.

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