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Possessed Powder Room Sink

This past Saturday we moved into our "new" old home. It's a federalist style brick home built in 1925 - and we are the third owners. The inspection report was very thorough, but (of course) there are always a few surprises that you don't expect. Namely, in this case - our possessed sink in the powder room downstairs.

There are two full baths upstairs, and a powder room (toilet and sink only) downstairs. The full baths have had very little (if any) changes from the day the house was built. The powder room looks to be a later addition (complete with horrific 1970s pine cone embossed tile). *shudder*

Like anyone who is newly in love, I'm willing to overlook the pine cone motif - but for the pressing issue that the powder room sink appears to be possessed... :confused:

Anytime someone flushes the toilet, about 6-10 minutes later, the hot water comes on full blast in the sink - the faucet moves, and the hot water comes on full blast. The faucet is older, and looks to be slightly corroded on the hot water knob.

The first time it happened, I assumed my fiance wasn't properly schooled in the art of turning off the faucet. Then it happened to me later in the day. Poor guy was falsely accused.

We're rather green in the home improvement area - and especially with respect to plumbing. Anyone have any ideas for us as to what's causing this? We're completely baffled.

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