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Porch/Cemnet Repair; Please Help!!!

I have a 16X9 gabled porch that has started falling apart, ie settling. There is a large crack the full width, and the entire slab has begun to slope towards the house which has caused a drainage problem. IS there any way to fix this without tearing it all out and pouring a new slab? Could brick be involved?

Looked into mud jacking but it costs essentially the same to have it jacked out and re poured.

Since I want to cover it with brick is there a possibility of pouring a thin layer of cement to level the surface. Then adhere the bricks on top???

I know thin layers of cement have a tendency to crack but how thin can I go?


out of ideas

P.S i have loads of pictures if that would help!

Re: Porch/Cemnet Repair; Please Help!!!

you sure you posted this in enough places? LOL

pic would definitly help but without seeing any and maybe I'm not understanding it totally....I'm thinking of breaking out the concrete in 3-4 places and diging footings for just piers and installing a nice sized lam beam girder down the length to support the porch?

Re: Porch/Cemnet Repair; Please Help!!!

If it's settling I would not try to resurface the concrete. That will be a waste of time and money.

You need to figure out whether your porch has a pan under it or if it has a gravel base. Most likely it has a pan under it and the pan has dropped on the house side. If that's the case you could try to get under there and jack it up and support those areas with brick/block. Then you could resurface it with an exterior self leveling concrete, or something similar. If you prepare the concrete correctly it will look good and shouldn't crack. The bad news is that if you have to hire someone to do this it would probably be less expensive to just tear it out and repour the porch.

If it has a gravel base you can hire someone to drill holes and shoot foam under the slab to raise it back up. You can then resurface it, but make sure to prepare the slab correctly as well as the cracks.

Good Luck.

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