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porch rafters

i was taught years ago the right way to use a framing square,and i am now lost.....i would like to know if there is a easy way tho could tell me how......i am in the process of tearing down my old wooden porch and can not remember how to lay out my rafters for ,i think,it is the plumb and level cuts for the rafters,also is it possible,just to tear down old walls to porch and use old or existing roof with out taking the roof completely down,........like everyone else in these economicly stressful times ,iam recently out of work,money is tight but this porch,is an absolute,dilapidated,ugly mess!!!..........thank you ......PLEASE NORM OR TOM RECUE ME(LOL)DESPERATE IN RIDLEY PARK PA..............KEVIN

Timothy Miller
Re: porch rafters

Howdy, temporary shoring of the roof while you remove and replace the porch walls will allow such repair. I would build a 2 by 4 wall with studs 1' on center( ya i am into over kill) placing the temp wall a foot inside the existing to carry the load of the roof while making the repairs.But without a picture or any other details be advised if there is anything else bearing on the porch roof you may need beafier shoring.
Oh i have stumbled onto Strong Tie- rafter ties that do not require birds eye of the rafter for $.70 each and they worked very well on an new roof i completed last fall.

Re: porch rafters

thank you for your response,i was wondering if you could simplify,the exact way of reading the framing square,as far as making the plumb cut and the birds mouth,thank you

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