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Porch out of plumb

My porch over the past 20 years has tilted such that the posts are now off plumb by one inch where the post meets the porch floor. The post sits on a 3 1/2 inch square aluminum standoff. There are 4 posts across the front of the porch. Our house sits on sandy soil.

What procedure should I use to correct this? I'm thinking about taking a sledge and giving each post a good smack to get them back plumb.

A second problem is that a previous owner installed a brick facing to the front of the house covered by this porch. It has separated from the first brick up from the floor. The first brick is now showing close to 1/2 inch of surface. The twit who installed the brick put it right over the aluminum siding that is on the house. I'm a little leery of chipping it off as big sections may come loose and fall onto the porch taking me with it. Do I just chip the bottom row of bricks loose, one at a time, and re-install them as I go or will the whole thing have to come down.

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