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Porch needs privacy

I live in the city; my neighbor's house is little more than arms length from mine. Up until now, it really didn't matter as my neighbors were elderly and never spent any time on the back porch [where I live my summers!] Now, new neighbors and judging by the size of the grill they have put on their 4 x 4' back porch, I'm searching for aesthetically pleasing privacy panels for that side of my porch. While I will sorely miss the outdoor feel, I really don't want to be compelled to include them in any conversation I have either! These panels I envision will have to sit on a 10" wide concrete top of brick half walls. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Re: Porch needs privacy

An idea to keep an outdoor feel of course depending on how you feel about managing plants and the climate you are in, is to install lattice and have a planter at the bottom as wide as the lattice where you can use vine plants to block the view to the neighbors'. This should allow for the breeze to blow through yet give privacy.

Re: Porch needs privacy

Let me tell you this: if you want to conduct conversations in your porch w/o the neighbors hearing them OR if you don't want to listen to your new neighbors' conversations...you better move inside.

No divider, lattic, wood fence, block wall, concrete wall, etc. will stop the sound from going from one yard to the other.

And, with a large BBQ grill, I bet your new neighbors like to entertain. So long silence!

Re: Porch needs privacy

I too would vote for the planter/lattice idea, you only have to go up high enough to block the view. So aid in not hearing the neighbors, might look to add a fountain or leave the radio playing. Then again, maybe they can cook and might make good friends.

Re: Porch needs privacy

Soap box. I always find it funny that in a city, your always on top of other people, yet ironically city dweller work much much harder to be as isolated as possible from their neighbours and fellow citizens. My wife noticed this when she lived in San Diego. Never knew anyone and nobody ever tried to get to know her and it went against her small town upbringing, but it was just how it was.

Now we are on a first name basis with all of our neighbours even though we all live on 1/2 acre lots and have plenty of privacy.

The only think that might work is a textured concrete wall about 10' high and plenty of trees to knock the sound down. Of course that's not very friendly, neighbourly and so on.

I say add some privacy from a lattice fence, but only partial so you are no completely isolated. Focus on using shrubs and such so it's no so cold and intrusive.

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