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porch leaning badly

House is almost 100 yrs old. The 2 middle front porch posts are leaning inward. One is worse than the other. We were thinking we could jack it up, but what would we sit the jack on? Plus how do we know if the jacks would hold or maybe go through the roof? The floor is pretty bad too, so would have to redo most of it, but was hoping there was some way to save the roof part.

Re: porch leaning badly

You should have a header or joist that goes on top of the posts. You can use a couple of 2x4s cut to length and support the roof like this. One on each side of the post. You need a third 2x4. slightly shorter and a jack at the bottom the jack up the roof an inch or two (or more if needed) to get the supports in place. BTW, this was an "after" picture that I took for demonstration purposes. I have a shallow notch in the bottoms of the 2x4s and I centered the notch over the inside edge of the cap block you see on the ground. The stakes keep the cap block from moving.

I used 4 of these set ups to support about 30' of porch roof, I had previously done the corners.

There are two 2x4s in that picture, I should have used a slightly different angle. I also notched the tops of the 2x4s so they wouldn't slip off the header.

Re: porch leaning badly

Thanks for the info, looks good!

I think we'll have to take down the boards that line the ceiling of the veranda roof so we can see if the wood inside is rotten before we do anything. We're waiting for the snow to melt so we can get to it. We're in Saskatchewan.
I guess we'll have to do all 4 posts at the same time, because we have to rip up the floor and the base around the edges.
We want to put kind of a deck instead of a traditional veranda.
If this works, what kind of base do you recommend for the posts? Do we need cement footings? The roof of the veranda is maybe 2 feet thick where it meets the wall and it's shingled, and I'm assuming very heavy.
Would we also have to add another way to attach it to the house while we work on it? I'd hate it to collapse!!!
If the roof is not worth fixing and we have to dismantle it, would a deck with a pergola work there?

I appreciate all the help and any ideas anyone may have. Tks.

So much to do, so little time.

Re: porch leaning badly

If you can, take pictures and post them to a hosting site like photobucket.com. The you can sort of fake a link here, they won't let you post an actual link until you have ten posts because of problems with spammers in the past, but you can spell out the link by replacing the .com with dot com. I would like to see exactly what you are dealing with.

You absolutely need a good footing under each support for the porch, it has to go below the frost line for your area, which I suspect is pretty deep. But the porch supports do not necessarily have to be directly below the posts.

Before doing a deck, I would want to see if someone else in your area has done one and how did that work out. I'm not sure a deck is a good idea that far north. In fact, I think I'd look toward having an enclosed porch to help keep the house warm, although a half inch of extra insulation is probably just as good as an enclosed porch, and a lot cheaper.

If you remove the roof, you may have siding to repair unless the roof over the porch is an extension of the roof of the house. If it is an extension of the roof of the house, you may not have a choice, you might not be able to remove it.

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