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Porch concrete to wood

Our house is over 100 years old. Right now it has a poured concrete slab front porch, which extends the full width of the house, though there is a roof over only the middle of the slab. I am sure that the original porch was made of wood and was replaced at some point in the past with concrete. Can we cover the concrete with wood for a more vintage look without having to tear out all the concrete?

I am not sure how to deal with drainage between the wood and concrete. If we run furring strips crosswise, it seems like water would pool behind them instead of draining. Any ideas?

Re: Porch concrete to wood

in regards to teh drainage, there should really be a drain right in the slab. also if you put down sleepers you should check which direction the slab is sloped first

as for converting it to wood, first determine how much height you plan on adding to it, from there you can decide to simply use pt 2x4's on their flat and shim them to get the patio level or if you want more height you will need to go with larger 2x stock and rip it on a taper to accomodate for the slope while keeping the new patio level

Re: Porch concrete to wood

Sorry for not being more clear in my first post. The slab has a slope that drains it away from the house. I was worried that if I put the sleepers across the porch, so that I could run the porch boards perpendicular to the house, that water draining down the slab will pool behind the sleepers. I can raise the height about three inches, so I was thinking of using 2x2 sleepers and a 5/4 deck boards.

Thanks for your help

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