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Porcelain Tile (12x24) Grouting & Sealing

My contractor finally finished grouting of the bathroom shower walls and the bathroom floor last night (outside the tub). I notice something skeptical. Can make use of some good advice:

1. I notice that the grout is not flush (flat) with the tile surface. I am concerned about cleaning because the indentation may gather soap scum easily. Should I ask my contractor to re-grout it and make it flat? By the way, my tile has rectified edge.

2. After applying the grout, the contractor was rushing to finish the job, so they immediately walk on the tile (covered by cloth) to install fixtures. I know they are supposed to wait 12-16 hours before walking on the tile. What damage does it make to the tile or grout?

3. What kind of sealant is best for porcelain tile and Polyblend grout and lasts longer? I am thinking about using Impregnator 511. Would it be good enough for the shower wall tiles and bathroom floors


Re: Porcelain Tile (12x24) Grouting & Sealing

The grout is rarely perfectly flush with the surface of the tile, mainly due to the wiping process during application.

Unglazed porcelain tile is extremely dense and does not need to be sealed. The grout should be. However, there are new urethane based grouts on the market now which never need sealing.

Re: Porcelain Tile (12x24) Grouting & Sealing

I think it's too late now to change the grout.

The floor grout gap is around 1/16" to 2/16" from the surface of the tile. It's not even a rounded gap, but a sharp gap. Hope the second grout will not crack since the first grout was just installed yesterday.

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Re: Porcelain Tile (12x24) Grouting & Sealing
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ordjen is right, you don't have to seal porcelain tile. the grout can be sealed but first check to see if he installed a grout with a sealer built into it.

as for the grout line. grout is not finished flush with the top of the tile, it's almost impossible to do so and part of that depends on the corner line of the tile.

regarding him walking on it, it may be perfectly fine. it depends on what he used to lay the tile with. with speedset, you can walk on the tile 1-2 hours after installation. if any of the tiles now feel like they're moving, then he may have walked on them too early. if he did so, they can be taken up and reset. lastly, if you're not happy with the grout, it can easily, but time consumingly, be taken out and replaced.

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