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Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

Any tricks to removing moulding with intent to reuse thus desire to avoid damage?

My base and my window trim were not removed when either 3/8 drywall or a layer of plaster was added over my shiplap, and the fact that the top of the base is almost flush with the walls doe snot sit well with my wife or myself.

In a not unrelated topic, when I put the base back, what medium should I put under the base to make the width look correct? I am leaning toward plywood so I do not have to worry about nailing the base back into the studs, but welcome any idea for a novice like myself.

Re: Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

use a couple very thin prybars.. richards drywall tools makees one thats silver and red perfect for just this task. take you time and work the peices evenly along the full lenght or it can split

Re: Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

You will cause a lot less damage to both the baseboard and the wall if you score the wall at the top of the baseboard before prying it off. The build-up of paint will make prying the baseboard off much more difficult and the paper of the drywall will not rip upward causing extensive areas to be patched.

Use a sharp Stanley knife. Holding a spackle knife against the top edge of the baseboard and running the utility knife along it will get a nice staight, clean cut. A nice clean cut means that , with luck, only a bead of caulk will be neccessary to cover any damaged areas after the new base is installed or the old base is re-installed.

Re: Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

Once the baseboard is removed, pull the nails out through the back. Pounding them out through the front will cause damage.


Re: Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

All good answers.

Depending on how the boards were attached, nails, staples or brads, I sometimes have success using a couple of putty knives in addition to the pry bar. Scoring the top of the boards with a utility knife, is a must.

If you are patient and careful, you won't break these baseboard and may be able to use them again... but...

If the boards are old, with numerous layers of paints, nail marks, divets and whatever, it will be more sensible and economical to replace them.

Re: Popping off old baseboard with intent to reuse

Many of my baseboards were triple-nailed with 12 pennys. Got the base pried away enough to slip in a sawzall blade and cut the nails.

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