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Popcorn ceiling dilemma

Hey guys, I've started removing the popcorn ceiling in my master br and have encountered an issue. I've done my homework and watched some videos on the task. I have sprayed an area approx. 6x6 ft with water, let it soak for a few minutes, then sc****d with a putty knife--- a plastic putty knife would not work well, so I'm using an 8 in metal one. The popcorn is coming off pretty easily, but under the popcorn, there is drywall mud which varies in thickness from 1/8 in to 3/8 in. In some places, this mud has broken or chipped away revealing the underlying drywall. My question is this: Do I sc**** everything off all the way to the drywall ( a seemingly huge job), or just remove the popcorns and patch the chipped mud ( I'm concerned about the "flatness" of the ceiling in this case)or simply put up NEW drywall over the existing ceiling? I've painted several cars, so I know the importance of a FLAT surface prior to painting. Thanks, David:confused:

Re: Popcorn ceiling dilemma

You should be able to apply new drywall mud to the existing drywall. The worst that can happen is that you veneer new drywall over the old. Why re-drywall if the basic drywall is still flat?

The fact that the popcorn is coming off relatively easily indicates that it probably never was painted. This was commonly done. It was just left bare until it got dirty over the years. Without anything to stop the water, it is reaching the drywall mud and loosening it here and there.

Re: Popcorn ceiling dilemma

To get to the original drywall, I'd have to remove the rest of the popcorn(easy), as well as all the hardened mud of uneven thickness throughout the ceiling(not so easy). To me, it seems that the only way to get a nice flat surface is to put up new drywall over the whole mess. Not really sure which way to go--just want some of your ideas. Thanks

Re: Popcorn ceiling dilemma

After removal of the popcorn use a primer to seal the drywall mud than apply a veneer plaster. One goog product I have found for priming is Peel Stop.
I use a product called Master of Plaster.
There are others like American Clay.
Variance Plaster products and many more available.
Skim as per manufactures recommend and trowel smooth no sanding required plus no dust.
The MOP is the most user friendly of all the veneers.

Re: Popcorn ceiling dilemma

After scr*ping the popcorn, I'd leave the plaster and float over the surface. There is no guarantee that removing it will yield a flat surface anyway. The reason we use flat paint on ceilings is to help hide the flaws. Floating ceilings ins't fun, but after a few very thin layers you'll be surprised how well it looks.

Re: Popcorn ceiling dilemma


You do not have to remove all the old drywall mud. You only have to replace that which has fallen off plus feather out a new edge with Topping Compound. Assuming the original drywall is flat, there is no need to cover it with new drywall.

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