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Pop corn ceiling

I just removed the popcorn from the bathroom ceiling and I have some some torn patches on the drywall. I will repair the patches with compound. My question is, should I prime the whole ceiling and what primer should I use, and also what good quality paint should be used on a bathroom ceiling.

Re: Pop corn ceiling


Where you have exposed the pulpy paper of the drywall, sand the fuzzy paper as smooth as you can, then spot prime the paper with a non-water soluble primer such as oil based Kilz or BIN shellac based sealer. The water in drywall mud will often cause the exposed drywall paper to pucker up. The sealer prevents this from happening. Do your patching with drywall mud, sand smooth and again spot prime the patches. This time, normal water based primer is OK. Then prime the entire ceiling. Follow the prime coat with a coat of a least satin sheen paint. There are many paints on the market especially intended for the high humidity environment of a bathroom, but in general, any top grade acrylic paint of at least a satin or semi-gloss sheen will give you good service. All such paints will include a built in mildecide.

A. Spruce
Re: Pop corn ceiling

I agree completely with Ordjen, though I would use two top coats instead of one because it's hard to get good coverage in just one coat. Absolutely use a premium brand paint, it makes all the difference in workability and final finish quality and durability.

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