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poorly insulated attic crawlspace

After receiving a very poor report from a home energy audit of our 63 year-old home, we broke throught the drywall to inspect the attic crawlspace. We found a 3 foot or so high space with R-19 fiberglass batts haphazardly placed between the roof rafters. This, combined with the fact that both the soffits and ridge vent are obstructed with the insulation and that the entire roof/soffit area is, as it turns out, very drafty, has made for very hot summers and cold winters on the second floor. We're unsure how to fix ths problem. Do we pull down the fiberglass from the rafters and attempt to install fiberglass to a thickness of R-60 or so? (Another issue is the fiberglass HVAC trunk and flexible ducts running through this space. We assume that these would require additional attention, especially in the colder months.) Or do we pull down the fiberglas and blow in cellulose? This seems like a good option as there are many spaces in the already cramped and awkward space that I am unable to reach. We could really use your advice. Please help us! Thanks in advance for your reply!!

Timothy Miller
Re: poorly insulated attic crawlspace

Howdy, the 3' attic is a pain to work in. if no insulation on the attic floor, between the floor joists, then i would pull down the rafter insulation and place it in the joist cavities. Are the H/Ac vents insulated? if not i would drape them with more insulation going for an R38. Wear a bike helmet- i still remember my head owes from our old LOW ATTIC. This should then reduce your heating cooling bills. Be sure not to block any eve vents with the insulation. Soffit,eve, vents will allow the attic air circulation and moisture removal. Any roof top vents? need one for every 600 sqft of attic.

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