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Poor workmanship

The company we hired to install our hardwood floor and trim subcontracted the job to another installer.
I was not informed this would be the case until the day they showed up to start. I was apprehensive, and for good reason.
I am not at all happy with the workmanship, nor is this individual professional.
The materials are all special ordered. The hardwood was milled onsite and stained to our specification. The trim was all made to the measurements and painted.
He has run out of the wood and has pieced the leftovers to finish it. (He asked if this was a stock item since he said he would need more. The ordered amount was correct.
He blamed the lumber company (A highly respected, very large company known for very quality materials) for mismeasured pieces of casing and base because he had cut the wrong ones, which in turn has caused me to have to paint already painted and finished material (which I paid extra to have done). In addition to having to order more materials. As you can see the nail holes are huge and are spaced pretty close.
My question is first, do you feel the nail holes look right?
Second, what should I request to have this corrected?
Should they cover the cost of new materials?
Please give me your advice.
I am so upset about this.
Thank you. :mad::(

A. Spruce
Re: Poor workmanship

As you can see the nail holes are huge and are spaced pretty close. My question is first, do you feel the nail holes look right?

The only problem I see with the holes is that some of them have a rectangular divot, which is an indication that either the depth setting was incorrect or the rubber foot was not on the nail gun. The diameter of the hole looks like a standard finish nail size and is to be expected when using any type of fastener.


Second, what should I request to have this corrected?

To have what corrected, the nail holes? Any fastener is going to leave a hole once it is installed. The question is, what were the terms of the installation? Was the installer supposed to go back and fill the nail holes and touch up the paint as part of the contract, or were you hiring a painter to come in and do that?


Should they cover the cost of new materials?

It's hard to say. If the contractor measured and ordered the materials and came up short, then it would be up to the contractor to supply more material. If you ordered the material and the contractor came up short, then you'll likely have to purchase the additional material. Regardless of your expertise with a tape measure or what the supplier's bill of lading says, the contractor is not responsible for materials and services they are not contracted provide.

Other than pictures of the nail holes, there's no pictures of joints in trim or flooring so there's no way to determine the quality of the workmanship. Regardless, if you've got a signed contract with the contractor, he is ultimately responsible for any and all work performed by himself or his sub-contractors.

Re: Poor workmanship

Thanks for your response.
I have attached a picture of the floor.
My contracter, who bid the job, agreed that too many nails were used. On piece of casing,102 inches has 16 nails in it!
He also said what you said, that the rubber tip was not on the nail gun and the wrong size nails were used.
He is completing the job and is having a professional painter fill the holes and repaint the moulding.
The subcontracter was very unprofessional and reminded me over and over this was not "his job".

A. Spruce
Re: Poor workmanship

To that sub: Sorry to say, but ANY job you're working on is "your job", otherwise you wouldn't be there. :rolleyes:

Other than the parts not finished, I cannot see anything wrong with the picture of the flooring. Unfortunately, the restricted size (controlled by TOH ) doesn't allow for details. At least the original contractor is taking care of the nail holes in the base and trim. What is he proposing for the floor?

By expressing your dissatisfaction with the subs work and attitude, it is quite possible that this contractor will not use him again. It is valuable information for homeowners to convey to the primary contractor whenever work is being done on their home. Even places like Home Depot want to hear when you've had trouble with a contractor that they've supplied.

I wish you continued good luck in working with your tradesmen.

Re: Poor workmanship

I would be a little upset with the contractor if he hired some one to do finish carpentry who wasn't a finish carpenter. I don't believe he used the wrong size nails but he definitely didn't know how to set up or use a nail gun properly. No mater who did the installation, there would be nail holes that needed to be filled and the casing repainted. 16 nails in a 102" piece of casing is not really that excessive if it was wide enough to be nailed on both edges.

I have to wonder if the sub was even told the casing and base was all pre cut to size or if he just found a bundle and started installing. Communications may have been the problem.

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