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Pool table help

hi, I have what I believe is a 3 piece pool table that at this point has lifted or dropped approxmately 1/3 of the way down from one side to the other. the separation is on the width of the table not the length. It seems to be a uniform separation which tells me that is how it is assembled. I bought it used and would like to fix the problem if it is possible. I dont know if I have to lift the felt or not. I would perfer not but I will do what I have to. the lift is only about 1/4 total. My guess is the assembly portion may have failed and needs to be set back. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much for the help you have been for many years. Keep up the good work

Re: Pool table help

I have never worked on a pool table so this is purely a guess. I would guess that the table had been dropped and the weight of the slat dislodged a support. I would suggest you look at it from the bottom and see if the slate can be lifted and the trim reinstalled.

A. Spruce
Re: Pool table help

If the table was moved in one piece, then yes, it's likely that the slate slabs have shifted and/or structural members as well. The only way to bring things back into alignment is to disassemble the table and reassemble properly. I personally don't think that this is something for the average DIY'r.

I remember watching the installation of my very large and very heavy pool table. The frame was brought in and assembled and the slate bed leveled. Then the slate was brought in in three pieces (5x9 table, the slate was 2" thick ), leveled and secured, then bondo'd to fill depressions and irregularities in the seams. Once all that was perfect, the felt and cushions were installed. It took the better part of 4 hours for a crew of 3 guys to haul all that into the house and set it up properly, which brings me back to this not being a task for the average DIY'r. This is an art form, and if you want a smooth and level table with the felt and cushions tensioned properly, leave it to the pro's. Any local table dealer in your area can direct you to a qualified installer to come and make the adjustments.

Re: Pool table help

well, not exactly what I was hoping for, but then again it never is, I guess that is the way it goes sometimes. I do appreciate your response. I guess it's back to the drawing board. again thank you very much and have a wonderful DIY day

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