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pool pump

Does a pool pump need to work 24 hours a day or is it sufficient to stop it after working for 12 hours? Neigbours
are complaining of noise coming from pump especially at night.
Thanks for your advice.

Re: pool pump

A pump does NOT need to run 24/7.
I run mine during daylight hours, as moving water is harder for algae to grow in.
IF we swim at night I run the pump for about another 1/2 hour after we get out of the water.
This is also considering that the pump/filter is not undersized for your pool though.
Also,pumps should be fairly quiet. Make sure no leaves,pine needles,debris are caught in the impeller.

Re: pool pump

Is there a possibility to cover pool pump with a box of some kind? I may be able to construct wood box around it and over it. It is an annoying buzz. Unfortunately, I'd never have a pool again due to noise of the pump . Do you have a solution?
Thanks again.

Re: pool pump

You can do it, but to muffle some of the pump noise more effectively, build a block wall around it.

Re: pool pump

I planted bushes around mine,but that is more to hide it out of sight.
I have seen people build little sheds over their pumps to hide them. I would give it a little ventilation as the motors do get hot.
Again,no need to run it continually,unless the pool is used 24 hours a day. Nothing wrong with running it all the time,I just don't want the extra expense on my electric bill.
If you have others that you know with a pool you may want to see what brands they use. Some may be quieter than others. I can barely hear mine running 15 ft. away,and this is for a pretty big in-ground pool.

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