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Polyurethane & New Oak Floors

I'm having a super weird issue. Last spring we laid new red oak floors in our kitchen, stairway and a sunroom to match the original wood flooring from the 40's. We had the original floors sanded down to remove the dark stain, and polyurethaned everything.

We used the water-based poly, per our contractor's suggestion that it was greener and wouldn't have such unpleasant fumes.

The problem is that there are these patches on the new floors where the poly is either not adhering or is being soaked up. The contractors have been back a number of times to re-poly these patchy spots. They are gray and rougher to the touch than the rest of the floor and are growing in size and discoloration.

Does anyone know what's causing this? Will we have to refinish the new floors entirely? If we need to switch to an oil based poly, is it going to be weird that the old floors are the water based?

Re: Polyurethane & New Oak Floors

Do the patches follow a footpath across the traffic area of the floor? I can imagine some chemical on a worker's shoes leaving a finish-averse residue. Like muriatic acid; that would keep a acrylic poly from sticking, roughen and gray out the wood.

Re: Polyurethane & New Oak Floors

No. Not at all. The patches do not appear in any pattern, and it's always the same patches. When they are re-polyed, the patches "dry out" again within a day or so.

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