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Pocket Door

Please help. I have someone remodeling a bathroom and he has put in a pocket dorr (6 panel) where the old door was. I came home tonight and closed the door and it is off center! By that I mean as you look at the door- the side where the door goes into the wall is of course inside the pocket by about an inch and a half when the door is closed.
What can i do about this?
I plan to keep the door shut and this is going to drive me crazy.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

Re: Pocket Door

As DB mentioned you will have trim stops along the pocket side and along the top of the door to keep the door in place.

At the pocket side you will have the thickness of the trim stop that will offset the appearance of the door by the thickness of the trim.

With a flat panel door this isn't as noticeable but with panels this becomes more noticeable because of the lines from the panels.

The door itself shouldn't be inside the pocket at all when closed. If it is then the installer goofed.
Typically the rough opening for a pocket door is 2 times plus 1 - 1 3/4 inch the width of the door. This allows shimming and the thickness of the finish jamb at the latch side.

It's possible the installer goofed by having the door installed on the track before applying the finish jamb and stop and not careful with his measurements.
If he had installed the finish jamb before installing the door on the track he would have found it wouldn't fit the opening.

Just a guess. :)

Re: Pocket Door

jkirk .... it sounds as though the problem is with the closed ( out of the pocket) and not when it's open ( in the pocket ).... at least that's the way I read it.

I agree with your description of setting the bumper stop if it was too far in the pocket.

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