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TerryB Il
Plywood Utility Cart Plans

I am looking for the plans for the plywood utility cart that was shown being built on the March 4, 2010 show.

Can anyone help me find where they are located on the website, or if they are on it at all?

Any help will be truly appreciated.


A. Spruce
Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

Plans for a cart like that should be easy to find all over the internet. It will likely be a while, if ever, before ATOH gets around to posting plans for it. A quick Google of "work cart plans" pulled up all kinds of free cart plans.
Here's one with many different configurations, all plans are free to download

That is also an extremely basic project. If you can use a measuring tape and a saw, you can build it yourself, without plans. All you have to do is determine the size you want the cart to be and start building it.

A tip on the casters. Instead of bolting them from the bottom up, as Tommy did, bolt them from the top down. By that I mean put the bolt head in the bottom of the cart, then nut the caster on from below. This will leave the floor of the cart completely smooth. Tommy did it from the bottom up, not as clean an install. When you buy your bolts, you'll need to measure the thickness of the plywood, the caster mounting plate, and the thickness of the nyloc nut so that you get the exact length of bolt without having a lot of extra hanging down to get in the way of the caster, or, use any length you want and cut off the excess once they're installed.

Bobby V
Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

Hello Terry...Were you able to find the plans for the utility cart? I’m also looking for them.

Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

I'm not sure where the specific plans are that you mentioned, but if you visit instructables dot com, there are several easy-to-follow utility cart plans, for free.

Good luck!

Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

Most carts have swivel casters on one end, and fixed casters on the other. How you use the cart will determine which end you put the casters on.

If you will primarily be pulling the cart, put the swivel casters on the handle end. If you will be pushing the cart, put them on the end opposite the handle.

Most shop carts are designed to be pulled so the swivels are on the handle end. Shopping carts are designed to be pushed so the swivels are on the far end. If your wife will be using it, make it a push cart. :D

If you are building a very large cart (longer than 4 feet), put fixed casters in the middle and swivel casters on both ends. You'll get a little better maneuverability, but it will take some getting used to the funky handling.

Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

Has anyone had success in finding the actual plans from the plywood utility cart that Tom Silva built on the Ask TOH episode. I really like the one he built. I was simple and very functional looking. Thanks

Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

most woodworking magazines have plans for the same sort of cart features a couple times a year.

"wood", "shopsmith", "american woodworker", popular woodworking are all such magazines

the key thing with building a cart is that you can customize it to your specifice needs and tools you own which allows for a more comfortable working surface height along with a better utility of space

Re: Plywood Utility Cart Plans

It is easy to design these types of carts from scratch just determine what your use will be for it and then build the frame appropriately and if you have one local tractor supply company is an excellent source for castor wheels

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