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pluming prob..

Me and my husbend just bought a older house 1960's and when we wash close it backs up in to my shower and tub.. any suggestions ? pl


ease help!!

Re: pluming prob..

Does this happen always with the washer ?

Does the shower / tub have issues when they drain?

Re: pluming prob..

guessing the washing machine didn't come with the house or you and your husbend didn't have a professional home inspection.

first, likely both your tub and your washingmachine drain are likely just 1-1/2" waste lines and likely sharing the same vent likely the same size. 1-1/2" is too narrow especially for the modern washing machines that aren't high efficiency to drain into directly, you need to drain into a laundry tub first.

second, modern washing machines usually don't have a lint filter instead injecting it into the waste lines, if things aren't pitched exactly correctly and/or there is a questionable distance from venting the lint can catch and clog much more easily.

check out your drainage waste and venting lines (DWV) using a snake or rodding tool open the clean outs and fish out any lint collections, make adjustments regarding draining into a laundry tub instead of directly into a stack pipe if your drain line is too narrow, see if that takes care of your problem. consider an in-line discharge lint filter to prevent reoccurance for maintenance you may also need to adjust the amount of laundry products you add to your laundry loads in your new home (different water chemistry).

if the above doesn't solve your problem, it may be a pitch or venting issue, or an improperly plumbed addition to the original plumbing system. if you're having other drainage issues it might be a problem with your sanitary main or main vent, a collapsed line, root invasion or an overloaded septic tank, cesspool or waterlogged or choked drainage field.

Re: pluming prob..

Call a service too open your clogged drain. get the sewer cabled from stem to stern and make sure you see what s on the cable whe it is extracted (roots, mud, hair, etc.) Use someone reputable. someone who's been in business more than a hot minute.
check their references.

Chimney Crickett1492
Re: pluming prob..

Yo, unregistered/wytch/leslie you're still doing everything backwards.

Instead of running off at the mouth and "guessing" what the problem is, try getting the basic info from the OP before you go into one of your meaningless spiels that just confuses everybody.

Canuk followed the correct procedure to get the basic info.

Re: pluming prob..

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