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Plumbing vent leaks in heavy rain

I have a Plummbing vent that leaks only in a very heavy rain. The leak shows up in the basement and not in the underside of the roof.

Re: Plumbing vent leaks in heavy rain

that doesn't make sense to me. if you see the water somewhere above the highest plumbing fixture in that PVC run then it would make sense that it's the vent. but if it's in the basement the only thing that makes sense is that a drain pipe has a leak. it is possible however that the rubber boot on the roof isn't snug enough or water is getting under the shingles around the pipe and water is running down the side of the pipe to the basement. i assume that you don't see the water coming out of an elbow or some other joint and just running off of the pipe.

Re: Plumbing vent leaks in heavy rain

If it is a heavy rain the water could come in the top of the vent and you could have a leaky joint. These are theoretically possible, but unlikely. I would agree that it has something to do with the rubber boot of the vent is not sealed. If it is rain it might not be the boot you could have a nail that sneaked up and water is migrating to you PVC and gravity is brining it down. I replaced a section of a roof because the homeowner couldn't affor the whole thing to be replaced. Then a month later he calls back saying one room had a down pour. I crawled into the attic and seen where the water came in around a dormer, apart of the roof we didn't touch, migrate down a truss for 20 feet and then fell into a room above where we just roofed. Water does wiered things.

Re: Plumbing vent leaks in heavy rain

The vents were incorrectly installed with the boot on top of the shingles instead of underneath. Got a roofer to look at it and have not had a problem since even through Sandy. :)

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