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Plumbing problem

We just moved into this house in December and within the last 2 weeks or so I noticed that the carpet in front of the bathroom door would be wet but nothing anywhere else. I thought maybe the bathtub overflow drain was somehow getting water in that one location but wasn't sure and didn't worry too much about it until the floor drain in front of the dryer started backing up. When a person takes a bath, the water overflows from the floor drain and if you run the washing machine it overflows from the floor drain and comes up the bathtub as it drains. The day we noticed this problem if you flushed the toilet it would also come up and then slowly drain back down but that only happened that day while everything else is continuing to happen. We tried to snake the floor drain with a 25ft snake but it did nothing.

Any suggestions?

Re: Plumbing problem

That is a great start to the getting to the problem-25' snake. But, you will probabley need a 50' or up to a 100' to get all the way to the street. You should have a cleanout for the plumbing outside your house. It is a pipe with a cap that goes to your mainline of your plumbung drain. Take the cap off (screw it off or whatever), get a flashlight and look. Also, you can try running water from the garden hose down there. MAKE TO HAVE SOMEBODY INSIDE TO SEE IF THE WATER COMES UP THE DRAIN! Also, you can run the snake through there. Like I said you might need a longer snake.

Also, if you can get on the roof and look down the vent pipe sticking out of the roof. You might have 1 or 2 of those. You can run water down them as well. MAKE TO HAVE SOMEBODY INSIDE TO SEE IF THE WATER COMES UP THE DRAIN!Good luck. Process of elimination

Re: Plumbing problem

I had the same problem. When the water comes up to another fixture, there is a blockage somewhere. Get a longer snake, and clean all the pipes. It will work.
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