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Plumbing noise when faucet closed or at the end of toilet tank fill

Recently I started noticing a quite annoying sound when any 2nd story toilets flush or kitchen faucet on the main floor is closed. There are three toilets on the second floor of my 2-story house. Each of these three toilets operate fine. After each of the toilets is flushed, the water tank fills without any unusual noises. Just after the tank is filled and the valve is shutoff, there is a short burst of sound. I guess the best way to describe is that it sounds like a short burst of foghorn based on how I have read other people describe it. The same sound occurs when kitchen sink faucet is shut off and during wash cycle in clothes washer. Just now as I am writing this question, I just heard the same sound when 2nd story bathroom faucet is closed. The difference between the various posts I have read on the web about this type of sound and the problem I am hearing is that the sound that I am hearing is just a short burst of sound as a valve (i.e. toilet valve, kitchen faucet, or washer water intake valve) is closed.

I tried one suggestion I found on the web to try to isolate the sound. I shut-off water intake on toilet water intake valves, kitchen faucet,etc. to try to isolate the problem. No luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Plumbing noise when faucet closed or at the end of toilet tank fill

If this sound is heard while using water and not as the water is suddenly turned off then it may be from a few things.. .......Depending on the sound that's being heard.

If it only happens when using a certain faucet the faucet washer may be loose or damaged causing the sounds .
Try tightening the screw the washer in the faucet stem. If the problem stops and later returns, then it's time for a new stem assembly.

If it's more of a moaning , humming,or fog horn sound .....
A faulty diaphram inside the toilet ballcock (fill valve) will cause resonance sounds like these.

Here's an easy way to tell if this is the cause...........

Close the supply valves to all the toilets. If the noise disappears, open them one-by-one till the noise starts again. Replace the ballcock in that toilet.

High water pressure can cause a variety of problems including noises..... also damage toilet valves and other devices connected to the plumbing.

If you're on a city water system, ask your neighbors if they are having similar problems. Some city water systems have higher pressures in the main lines and may have pressure reducers between the main line and your house, at the meter. In this case, if the pressure reducer is defective you could have high pressure even if your neighbors don't.

If your pressure is above 60psi you may want to adjust your pressure regulator valve ( PRV ) or install one.

You may have a regulator installed inside the home already and may be a problem with the pressure regulator if your sound happens while the water's running :

  1. it happens at more than one faucet
  2. turning on other faucets changes the tone
  3. the pressure changes with the sound

While the noise is happening, check to see if it seems to be coming from the regulator. If so, the regulator may need to be replaced.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Plumbing noise when faucet closed or at the end of toilet tank fill

I have the same kind of problem. However, it's just a little different. I'm sure someone with gobs of plumbing experience can tell me exactly what to do to fix it.

Home: 2 Full Bathrooms, built on a slab, no water softener, city water, home is 9 years old

Problem: Flush the toilet. It goes through almost all the filling process. It is almost filled when a fog horn sound is heard (not especially from the toilet itself) which is heard throughout the entire house...and it is LOUD. When the toilet is finished filling, it stops. Do it again, same thing. And did I mention it is LOUD and it echoes through the whole house? More noise from the rest of the house than right next to the toilet. But IT IS associated with the toilet filling.

I have checked all valves and toilet "guts". Everything seems to be just as good as the day it was purchased.


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